Amigo TravelMate

Amigo: Improving Lives Through Mobility

The USA-made TravelMate defines an Active Lifestyle — Amigo style! Sleek, with clean Amigo lines, the simplistic front-drive design requires minimal maintenance for maximum performance. Safety features include electromagnetic braking with manual release.

Lightweight (the heaviest piece only being 23 lbs.) and easy to take apart, the Midnight Black TravelMate has a compact structure with a stowed height of a mere 19”! This is the perfect traveling companion to store, hassle-free, in cabs, cars, RVs, SUVs or boats and planes.

With a robust 250-lb. weight capacity, the TravelMate features a fully-cushioned Travel Seat (red or yellow inset options) with Amigo’s characteristic 360° full-swivel rotation and optional flip-up/adjustable/removable arms.