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Savaria Infinity Elevator


The Infinity elevator is the ultimate smooth, quiet ride thanks to its precision hydraulic drive system. When you install an Infinity elevator, you add the ultimate in convenience. Whether it’s carrying luggage or laundry, riding in comfort and luxury eliminates the barrier of stairs.

The Infinity elevator can also be ordered in a Heavy Duty (HD) configuration with a capacity of 1400 lbs, code permitting.

Configuring your Infinity includes choosing up to 6 stops and an interior cab size of up to 15 sq. ft (4.57 m²) and 21 sq. ft (6.4 m²) for the HD version. A standard unit features one opening and you can add a second opening to accommodate your needs at different landings.

Features of the Infinity Elevator:

  • High-efficiency hydraulic drive system, which makes for a smooth and quiet ride.
  • Automatic leveling at each landing to ensure the elevator meets the floor precisely.
  • Fully automatic operation.
  • Automatic cab on/off interior lighting.
  • Digital display in car operating panel.
  • Surface-mount telephone.
  • Manual emergency lowering button.
  • Lockable control panel.
  • Elevator door interlocks.
  • Emergency stop switch.
  • Slack rope safety system.
  • 36-month parts warranty. (Details)

Technical Specifications:

  • Standard Capacity: 750 lb (340 kg).
  • Optional Capacity: 1000 lb (453 kg).
  • Maximum Travel Distance: 50’ (15.24 m)
  • Nominal Speed: 36 ft/min (0.18 m/s).
  • Drive/Motor: 1:2 cable hydraulic drive, 3 HP submersed.
  • Minimum Pit: 8” (203 mm).
  • Minimum Overhead Clearance: 96” (2438 mm).
  • Power Supply: 110 volts, 20 amp, single phase, 60 Hz.
  • Indoor and outdoor applications.

The Infinity may also be ordered in an HD (heavy duty) configuration with the same technical specifications, but with the following differences:

  • Optional Capacity: 1000 lb (453 kg), 1400 lb (635 kg).
  • Drive/Motor: 1:2 cable hydraulic drive, 5 HP submersed.
  • Minimum Pit: 12” (305 mm).
  • Minimum Overhead Clearance: 96” (2438 mm).


Waupaca Elevators

Waupaca Elevator Company

Waupaca Elevator Company specializes in the manufacture of quality, customized winding drum, and hydraulic elevators. Waupaca elevators deliver maximum convenience, safety, and comfort while providing a smooth and quiet operation. Waupaca’s units carry up to 1000 lbs and readily accommodate multiple passengers, a wheelchair and caregiver, or even a scooter.

Waupaca also offers complete customization allowing the option to mix and match to create an elevator that will perfectly fit any decor or architectural requirements.

Waupaca elevators are available in the following cab designs:

  • The Designer (info.)
  • The Heritage (info.)
  • The Estate (info.)
  • The Estate Ltd. (info.)
  • Custom Raised Panel (info.)